How many brands address the unique challenges of body skin leading up to and after menopause?

None, we found.

Most brands in the market cater to a wider demographic or focus primarily on younger age groups, often incorporating ingredients that do not align with the specific needs of menopausal skin.

This common practice can lead to increased dryness or itchiness, as these ingredients can disrupt the skin's natural lipid barrier, which is already compromised during menopause due to hormonal changes.

Recognizing the gap in effective solutions for mature skin, we embarked on a mission to create body skincare and self-care solutions for women aged 45 and above.

What We Do Differently

  • Science-Backed For 45+

    Each product is backed by scientific research, ensuring that it effectively addresses the unique needs of menopausal skin.

  • Skincare Routines

    We offer complete skincare routines, thoughtfully designed for daily use, catering specifically to women aged 45+.

  • Organic and Natural Ingredients

    Our products boast high-quality, mainly natural and organic ingredients, offering a safe and trustworthy skincare solution.

Scientific Approach

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Our Science