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Sculpting Body Gua Sha

Made from Bian stone, this gua sha is designed to sculpt the body and promote lymphatic drainage. Use it daily to improve skin elasticity, relieve muscle tension, and achieve a more toned appearance, all while being gentle on your skin.

  1. Alleviates Skin Tension: Helps in reducing tension and tightness in the skin, which can increase during menopause.
  2. Improves Lymphatic Drainage: Aids in lymphatic drainage, addressing bloating and puffiness that can occur with hormonal changes.
  3. Enhances Skin Elasticity: Regular use helps in maintaining skin elasticity, countering the loss of firmness associated with menopausal skin.

Each edge of the tool is intentionally designed to enhance the traditional Chinese practice of gua sha, and the tool itself is composed of a variety of edges to target different muscle groups and areas of the body.

  • The rippled edge is ideal for larger muscle groups and delivering deep pressure.
  • The curved edge is perfect for sculpting and contouring smaller, hard-to-reach areas like the neck, jawline, and underarms.
  • The precision tip targets specific trigger points and knots in muscles.
  • The comb edge is particularly effective for addressing cellulite and promoting smoother, firmer skin.
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    Lasts 3 months of regular use


      Lymphatic Drainage: The Bian stone design promotes lymphatic drainage, helping to detoxify the body.

      Muscle Relaxation: Various edges of the Gua Sha tool target different muscle groups for tension relief.

      Skin Elasticity Enhancement: Regular use improves skin elasticity and circulation, enhancing overall skin health.

      Why It Works

      The Sculpting Body Gua Sha, made from Bian stone, stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, promoting detoxification and enhancing skin health. Its varied edges are specifically designed to target different muscle groups, aiding in tension release and muscle relaxation. This technique rejuvenates the skin by improving tone and texture, particularly beneficial for mature skin undergoing hormonal changes.

      How To Use

      Step 1: Prepare your skin
      Wash your skin and apply a generous amount of your favorite body oil or lotion. This will help the gua sha tool glide smoothly over your skin and reduce the risk of irritation.

      Step 2: Choose your edge
      Select the edge that is appropriate for the area of your body you want to work on. For example, the rippled edge is ideal for larger muscle groups like the back, hips, and thighs, while the curved edge is perfect for smaller, hard-to-reach areas like the neck, jawline, and underarms.

      Step 3: Start Gua Sha
      Hold the gua sha tool at a comfortable angle and apply light pressure to the skin. Gently glide the tool over the area you want to work on, using long, sweeping strokes. Be sure to keep the tool flat against your skin, and avoid using too much pressure as this can cause bruising.

      Step 4: Targeted Treatment
      If you want to target specific areas, use the precision tip to apply pressure to trigger points and knots in your muscles. For example, you can use this tip to release tension in your neck, shoulders, and other areas where muscles tend to hold stress.

      Step 5: Textured Edge
      Use the comb edge to stimulate blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. This edge is particularly effective for addressing cellulite and promoting smoother, firmer skin. Use a light, sweeping motion over the area of concern.

      Step 6: Repeat on both sides
      Repeat steps 2-5 on both sides of your body to ensure an even treatment.

      Step 7: Rinse and moisturize
      After you're done, rinse your skin with warm water and apply a moisturizer or lotion to soothe your skin.

      Step 8: Consistency is Key
      For best results, use the Sculpting Body Gua Sha 2 to 3 times a week up to once daily. This will help to maintain the long-lasting effects of the gua sha treatment.

      Suited for Skin Type

      Optimized for those looking to enhance skin firmness and promote lymphatic drainage. Suitable for all skin types, especially beneficial for individuals seeking to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and achieve a more sculpted appearance in the skin.

      Key Ingredients

      Bian Stone: Used for the tool, this stone is known for its thermal conductivity and healing properties, enhancing the effectiveness of the Gua Sha technique.

      Full List of Ingredients

      Bian stone

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      Sculpting Body Gua Sha
      Sculpting Body Gua Sha
      Sculpting Body Gua Sha
      Sculpting Body Gua Sha


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      How does the Sculpting Body Gua Sha compare in effectiveness to other traditional massage tools?

      The Sculpting Body Gua Sha, made of Bian stone, offers unique benefits compared to other traditional massage tools. Its design and material allow for more precise manipulation of skin and muscle tissue. Unlike softer tools like foam rollers or generic massagers, the Gua Sha's firmness and variety of edges enable targeted pressure and stimulation. This can lead to more effective lymphatic drainage, muscle tension relief, and improved skin elasticity. Additionally, the thermal conductivity of Bian stone adds a soothing warmth to the massage, enhancing relaxation and effectiveness.

      Can the Gua Sha be used in combination with other skincare products for enhanced benefits?

      Absolutely, the Sculpting Body Gua Sha can be effectively paired with various skincare products to enhance benefits. For instance, using the tool over a body serum or oil can help in better absorption of the product into the skin. This combination not only provides a smoother glide for the Gua Sha but also maximizes the skincare benefits by driving the product's ingredients deeper into the skin. This is particularly effective for products targeting hydration, firmness, or overall skin nourishment.

      Can the Gua Sha be used to assist in the recovery of muscles after exercise or physical activity?

      Yes, the Sculpting Body Gua Sha can be an excellent tool for post-exercise muscle recovery. The tool's ability to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate blood circulation can help in alleviating muscle soreness and speeding up recovery. By using the Gua Sha to gently massage overworked muscle areas, you can reduce lactic acid buildup and enhance muscle relaxation. This makes it a valuable addition to any athlete’s or fitness enthusiast’s recovery routine.

      Are there any age restrictions or considerations for using the Gua Sha, particularly for older or younger skin?

      The Sculpting Body Gua Sha is generally suitable for all ages, but there are some considerations for different skin types. For older skin, which might be more delicate or thin, gentle strokes with less pressure are recommended to avoid any bruising or irritation. For younger skin, which might be more resilient, the Gua Sha can be used with a bit more pressure for effective results. In all cases, it's important to listen to your body and adjust the pressure and technique according to your comfort and skin sensitivity.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Soheila Tabibi

      I received Sculpting Body Gua Sha last month. It is a tool used to sculpt the skin and increase circulation, sometimes you may notice relief from muscle tension. I noticed that helps unwanted cellulite and help improve skin texture. It is a part of my skin treatments routine. I recommend that you use this tool with Elixir body products and see the result. Thank you to Elixir for recommending this tool to me.... Soheila Tabibi

      Love it and needed it!!!

      Brand new to me and using it takes less time than other brushes to have an impact. I would recommend this product 100%. Thank you again for the amazing customer service and feed back as well as your fantastic products.
      Sincerely Stephanie XXX


      I use this with the Purify & Perfect kit and it works great, easy to handle and has made my cellulite look less visible also great for lymph drainage around my stomach. my skin feels tighter.

      Amazing results with only 15 minutes of practice 3-4 times a week.

      I love using the mist and oil with the sculpting gua sha stone about fifteen minutes toning my whole body a couple of times a week, it’s s great way to relieve tension and make my skin look tight—it’s really reducing my crepe skin!

      I love this tool!

      I am so happy to have incorporated this new ritual into my self care routine after I shower.